Do you know the origin of Coffee?

Ethiopia, a long time ago..
Kaldi, a shepherd, used to herd his goats every day. One day the goats started eating berries and chewing leaves from an unusual plant. It was a Coffee plant. The same night, the goats, instead of sleeping, couldn’t stop wandering endlessly around. Kaldi was both annoyed and shocked. He spent all the night thinking about an explanation. He finally thought the effect could be caused by the mysterious berries. He therefor tried toasting and grinding some of them, making an infusion to drink. He was right.


Coffee was considered an excitant for centuries.


Disney’s Castle


Disney’s Castle was inspired by NEUSCHWANSTEIN castle, southeast Bavaria (Germany)!





In the U.K., sticking your two fingers up at someone is to insult him. It’s basically the same as to show him your middle finger.
Can you immagine why?
100 Years War (1337-1453), English vs. French.
The Welsh longbow archers, probably the best Medieval archers history remembers, were seriously giving the French a hard time. French soldiers were ordered to cut those two fingers to any English bowman they captured! (The two fingers with which an arrow is shot). French were literally terrorised by those incredible Welsh.
That’s why, from then on, mocking French, English have been showing the two fingers as a sign of derision.